Rambutan Fruits


Rambutan lends an exotic touch to your fruit salad. Procured fresh from the farms, this juicy fruit has a taste similar to that of lychee and grapes. This powerhouse fruit which comes packed with nutrients can be added to salads and smoothies. A good option would be to add some vanilla and cinnamon to your Rambutan juice to make it tastier.


  • A spoonful of fresh Rambutan pulp is full of Vitamin C, commonly known to fight flu and cold. With your daily dose of Vitamin C from this exotic fruit, the body can easily flush out toxins and helps to reduce stress.
  • Your skin will have a youthful, healthy glow if you consume this fruit daily. Rambutans are also rich in copper and can help to fight joint and bone problems, anaemia, infections and even chronic fatigue.

Storage and Uses

  • Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • The best way to Rambutan is to eat it fresh, but the inner soft flesh can be sliced and made into sorbets, jam or ice-creams. You can dip it in syrup and create great toppings for pastries and cakes.